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LeapFrog® Leapster2 Learning Game System 

Perfect Gift For Children Ages 4-8
Leapster2 is the educational toy they can't put down!

Grandma approved and loved by kids, the award winning LeapFrog Leapster 2 Learning Game System is the perfect educational toy for children four to eight. Designed to make learning fun, be prepared for shouts of joy as your child begins to play the hand held video game.

Leapster2 Learning Game System from Leap Frog


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Gold Star RatingGold Star RatingGold Star RatingGold Star Rating

 Leapster 2 Learning Game System

Excellent feature of Leapster 2 is the ability to expand the games system with fun on-line games and exciting rewards.*

January 2009 REVIEWS:

"I purchased Leapster 2 after a lot of research and indecision on which product to buy. My 5 year old son was not too awful excited when he opened it - but once he started playing, he was hooked. We have had to put a time limit on his playing - he would keep playing all day. I'm glad he is learning - and can do everything on his own, without any adult help."

"My 4 and 6 year old girls had the original and loved it! Now they have Leapster 2 and love it even more! I love the fact that they trimmed it down it makes it easier for them to hold. 2GB SD works great! Took a while to link profile online due to heavy x-mas traffic but works as described! Thank you Leapster for making great products!"

LeapFrog® Leapster® 2 Learning Game System - Green

What You Need to Know about Leapster 2 Learning System:

  • Console is preloaded with two games: Dragons to the Rescue and Creativity Castle Art Studio  
  • Requires 4 "AA" batteries; operates for up to 20 hours 
  • Needs an SD card (not included) to take advantage of the Leapster2 features
  • PC and Mac OS X 10.4+ Compatible  
  • Some people seem to be experiencing problems with the SD card and Leapster Connect online system.

Leap Frog Leapster 2 is an educational learning system for ages preschool to the 4th grade and is used in schools and homes around the country.

But shhh! Don't tell the kids it's an educational toy!

  • Fun, bright and cheerful, the Leapster2 is so easy to use. 
  • Small in size, Leapster 2 travels beautifully.
  • Leapster 2 provides years of entertainment and education.
  • A library of action packed games is available.
  • This educational toy gives your child the edge he needs for school.
  • You can access your child's learning progress on-line.

Playing Leapster 2 is the most fun they'll ever have with a hand held educational toy, disguised as a video game. Imagine the delight in their eyes as they open the present with a brand new Leapster 2 inside.

  • This hand-held video game for children lightweight and portable. 
  • Kids can take Leapster 2 with them everywhere they go. 
  • It keeps little hands occupied and out of trouble. 
  • No more frustrating car trips to the doctor or grocery store! 
  • They'll never need to feel bored again. 

The hand held unit with stylus runs on 4 AA batteries and will operate for up to 20 hours of use. Save money by buying rechargeable batteries for your unit.

Consumer Reviews:

*PLEASE READ: There appear to be very different experiences with the Leapster 2 system.

"I purchased two Leapster2s from different stores and neither one could detect an SD card. They could not detect a new SD card nor a used one that I cleared. This negates what was a major selling point for me which is being able to download free games and for my daughters to be able to save artwork and such to the cards. I might as well have bought the regular Leapster and saved my money."

"This is a great item - my 5 year old son loves it. However, you really need an SD card with it. You cannot download any games on to it without an SD card. I also tried to connect the game to the internet for the Leap Frog/Leapster 2 website. Took a VERY long time to connect - as all their internet connections were tied up due to the holidays. Could not even see the "rewards" we were "entitled to" on the website as again their connections were all busy. My dissatisfaction mainly lies with the Leapster Connect website. Overall, my son got this game as a gift and he enjoys it. That's all that matters."

Our highest recommendations go to the L Max and original Leapster games.







30 Action Packed Leapster Games

With over 30 action packed Leapfrog games available, Leapster 2 provides years of fun learning experiences and entertainment. It's a great value and money well spent as it grows along with your child's educational level.

What a joy to see how excited they'll be to play with Leapster game cartridges featuring some of their most favorite characters. Here's a sample:

Wall E - Help Wall-e find his place in the universe! Ride a rocket through the solar system, blast robots, form constellations, and sort recycling stacks Teaches spelling, science, and math skills

Dora's Camping Adventure - Take off with Dora and Boots on an action-packed camping adventure as you explore new Spanish words and phrases! Teaches greetings and phrases, colors and numbers, animals, food, and clothing.

Nemo- Nemo helps rescue the young clown fish and returns him to his underwater home in this skill building game. Teaches phonics and reading skills, mathematics, and science facts

Pixar's Cars- Learn essential reading and mathematical skills while racing these four action packed races Teaches phonics skills, uppercase and lowercase letters, patterns, and matching skills

Clifford- Reading skills can grow by leaps and bounds when you join Clifford, Cleo, and T-Bone on a giant-size learning adventure Teaches phonics skills, writing, and vocabulary

There are many more characters and games available like Nascar, Batman, The Incredibles, Pet Pals, and Disney's Princess. With so many fabulous choices your kids will never tire of playing them.

Discover the Award Winning LeapFrog Leapster 2 Learning System

Your relatives and friends will be grateful to know exactly what to give your kids for birthdays and Christmas. Another excellent feature of Leapster 2 is the ability to expand the games system with fun on-line games and exciting rewards. Your child will be delighted to upload art work he has created with Leapster 2 into the Creativity Center. He has the option to be even more creative by embellishing his art and then sharing it with friends and family.

Imagine being able to track your children's progress on-line. With Leapster 2's LeapFrog Learning Path you have the capability of sharing in your child's learning experiences. Check to see which skill's he has been developing and what areas he is strongest or weakest in. Possessed with this knowledge, you can then help your child stay on top of his educational goals.

The Leap Frog Leapster 2 will teach your child the skills he needs to be a successful and goal oriented student. The gift of a LeapFrog Leapster 2 Learning System is the gift of a brighter future for your child.


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